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'Visions of the Future' Pop-up Art Series Returns to Beverly Hills

(November 30, 2021) Beverly Hills, CA – On Thursday, December 2, the Next Beverly Hills Committee, in partnership with the City of Beverly Hills’ Arts and Culture and Human Relations Commissions will launch a new pop-up art exhibit located at 445 N Cañon Dr. featuring work by American artist Kevin HEES.

The temporary installation will feature seven works from the American artist’s latest MUSIC! series that pays homage to favorite musical genres, tempos and rhythms. HEES’ work is known internationally, often featuring colorful circles and geometric shapes that represent the circular perfection of the physical and spiritual universe and outline the human pursuits of health, wealth and happiness.

Slated to be on display for one month, this is the second pop-up to launch as part of the City’s ‘Visions of the Future’ program intended to activate public spaces with vibrant, visual pop-up art experiences for Beverly Hills residents, business owners and visitors from the Los Angeles area and around the world.

"We’re thrilled to transform more storefront windows with inspiring art that is designed to enrich the culture of our community. As we welcome an abundance of new visitors to our City this month, it is our goal to immerse them in beautiful art that represents the vibrancy of Beverly Hills,” said Noelle Freeman, Next Beverly Hills Committee Chair.

The Next Beverly Hills Committee was established in 2015 to engage residents through innovative initiatives that address their lifestyles, economic and civic needs, and to inspire them to make Beverly Hills a better place for all.

“Visions of the future was created to enable businesses, as well as the public, to experience high-quality art where they least expect it. The goal of the program is to use empty storefronts to create cultural activations with a diverse range of emerging or under-represented artists,” said Deborah Frank, Arts and Culture Commission Chair.

‘Visions of the Future’ is part of the City’s Embrace & Celebrate Culture Initiative, a Citywide program created by the Arts and Culture and Human Relations Commissions that celebrates diversity and fosters a culture of greater inclusion and belonging in Beverly Hills.

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About Kevin HEES

Kevin HEES is an American artist whose work incorporates physics, numerology, universal concepts, spirituality, geometry and symbolism, to create strikingly colorful works riddled with positive messaging. Born 1962 in Corpus Christie,Texas, Kevin's artistic journey has been long in the making. Ever-present as a form of self-therapy and inspiration, Kevin's art has been a constant expression of light in the artist's darkest personal times. Mental health, wellness, LGBT+ rights, AIDs, freedom of speech, inclusion, wealth inequality, and current events are but a few of the topics familiar to Kevin HEES that he frequently comments on in the messaging of his art. His works on canvas almost always feature hidden messages scrawled beneath layers of paint. Since he began making ripples in the art world in 2019, with his works resonating with a host of internationally celebrated collectors, Kevin has exhibited at museums around the globe and have been featured in shows alongside master works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, contemporary artist ThankYouX, and Pat Steir.


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